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Meet Dr Dawn’s Son, Bear

by  CFAD Blog Editor

Dr. Dawn and her husband, Jason, welcomed a beautiful baby boy! Barrett (Bear) James Allison was born on July 5, 2023. So far he is a pretty calm, snuggly little guy. Thank you all for your patience with our schedule while we enjoyed time home with our sweet dude.

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Congratulations to Dr Dawn and husband, Jason

by  CFAD Blog Editor

Dr. Dawn and her husband, Jason, are expecting a baby boy in June – but it’s becoming obvious now.

Glenda’s Conservative Smile Makeover: Orthodontics, Whitening & Composite Bonding Veneers

by  CFAD Blog Editor

I love being a family dentist but what tickles my heart and makes my days FUN is a beautiful smile makeover like Glenda’s. Glenda had gorgeous teeth already, we just needed to put them in the right place.

First, I aligned the gum levels with traditional braces. After her teeth were in the right position, she whitened and I placed three composite veneers to make them the appropriate length.

Congratulations to you, gorgeous girl! And thank you for your trust.

Smile Makeover: Teeth Whitening With Replacement Composite Bonding

by  CFAD Blog Editor
Smile makeover with teeth whitening and replacement composite bonding

Did you know that your old restorations do not change color when you bleach your teeth? This patient’s old composite restoration (also known as bonding) became really obvious after the patient bleached her teeth. We replaced that restoration using 4 different shades and opacities of composite in order to get this beautiful natural result.

I absolutely love doing this type of dentistry.  It’s easy, cost effective, and what a change!


by  CFAD Blog Editor
WE love composite
The patient didn’t like the original restoration because it didn’t blend with the adjacent tooth and it was too short. Thankfully she found our website and knew that we could fix her up.

The difference between these restorations is hundreds of hours of continuing education. I have learned from the best artists in the dental world and I just love making teeth look like teeth. What a fun day!

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