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Happy Patients of Complete Family & Aesthetic Dentistry
Happy Patients of Complete Family & Aesthetic Dentistry
Some of our AWESOME Patients!
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New Patients

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To us, you are more than just a set of teeth or a pretty smile. While we’re here to make sure you have a healthy, beautiful smile, we know we can’t do that without getting to know you.

We understand everyone we see is truly unique. At Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry, we do something no other dental office does. Not only do we offer standard new patient cleanings as well as emergency exams, we also offer a Comprehensive Evaluation to every patient—new or existing. And we do the Comprehensive Evaluation at no additional cost to you.

Our Comprehensive Evaluation for New Patients

Our Comprehensive Evaluation consists of 1 hour with Dr. Wehking and team where we discuss everything that impacts your dental care.

Together during your Comprehensive Evaluation, we will:
• Determine what optimum oral health means for you and create a plan to get you there,
• Talk about your teeth and gums,
• Talk about other issues you may have that you might not realize could be dental related—like headaches (see below),
• Take photos to get a full picture of your smile and review these photos with you so you see what we see,
• Perform an oral cancer screening,
• Take necessary X-rays,
• Conduct a TMJ exam/occlusal analysis to analyze how your teeth fit together, how your teeth affect each other, and how your teeth affect your jaw joint,
• Conduct perio charting,
• Work through any questions you may have about dental care,
• Address any fears you have about dentistry, and
• Simply talk.

To us, you matter.
Your history matters.
Your feelings about dentistry matter.
Your opinions about treatment matter.
Your overall health matters.
Your story matters.

While we highly recommend the Comprehensive Evaluation, we understand there are times when you’ll just want a new patient cleaning or need an emergency exam. We are here for you.

Our New Patient Cleaning takes about two hours and includes:
• X-rays,
• Perio charting,
• Oral cancer screening, and
• Exam by Dr. Wehking

Our Limited Care/Emergency Exam can typically be done the same day you call and includes:
• Quick appointment to address one area of concern,
• X-ray of the area,
• Exam to determine the problem,
• Prescription (if necessary), and
• Referral to a specialist (if necessary)

Who you are shapes how we manage your care. At Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry, you’re not being treated by a stranger. You’re being treated by someone who knows and understands you.

Complete Family & Aesthetic Dentistry