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Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry for a Healthy SmilMature man eating an appleWe’ll bet you didn’t know your mouth tells a story without you ever saying a word. It tells us about your overall health. It alerts us to early symptoms of diseases. And sometimes it even explains why you’re having headaches.

At Complete Family and Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Wehking and her team know your investment in preventative dental care improves not only your smile and your oral health, but also improves your overall health by identifying and preventing health issues before they become serious.

Benefits of Preventative Dental Care

• Identify gum disease before the bacteria that causes it spreads to other parts of your body triggering infections and other health issues
• Recognize and resolve simple problems like dental cavities before they require more serious procedures like root canals or extractions
• Alleviate dental-related headaches (click here to learn more)
• Manage long-term dental and health care costs by identifying minor issues before they become more extensive problems

As you can see, the investment you make in your general oral health pays off in more ways than in just a pretty smile. Although we’ll make sure you have a pretty and perfect smile as well. So go ahead. Schedule your appointment today.

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