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Replacing Old Worn Crowns – Ray’s Bright New Look

Ray was concerned that the crowns on his front teeth were wearing down.  He wanted to replace them with more natural looking and lifelike restorations.  First we had to resolve WHY the crowns were wearing away.  Then we corrected his bite with 8 months of orthodontics, whitening with Kor deep bleaching, and placed his new crowns.

Dental materials have changed very dramatically since Ray’s original crowns were placed.  In addition to advancements in materials, I have the advantage of working with these amazing artists, Peter and Carmen at New Age Dental Studio.  As you can see, a crown is not a crown is not a crown.  There is a lot of love and art in Ray’s new restorations, something that you just can’t find from any lab.  Don’t you just love the texture and character in these crowns?!

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