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Replacing Old (ugly) Dentistry

Dental materials have come a long way in the last few years. One of our favorite procedures is replacing old/ugly dentistry.

Old dental materials were typically porcelain stacked on top of metal. Those restorations were great at the time because that's all we had, but those restorations tend to look very opaque and lifeless. Sometimes you'll notice a black line at the gum margin, that's the metal showing through.

New ceramic materials are really exciting because not only do they look great, but they are strong! We can make these restorations look more natural, mimicking your tooth's natural texture and translucency.

Old Ugly Dentistry - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry-AfterAfter
Old Ugly Dentistry - Carrie - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry- Carrie - AfterAfter
Old Ugly Dentistry - Matt - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry- Matt - AfterAfter
Old Ugly Dentistry - CloseupBonding2 - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry- CloseupBonding2 - AfterAfter
Old Ugly Dentistry - Brenna - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry- Brenna - AfterAfter
Old Ugly Dentistry - Rebecca - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry - Rebecca - AfterAfter
Old Ugly Dentistry - Implant Dentistry - BeforeBefore
Old Ugly Dentistry - Implant Dentistry - AfterAfter
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