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Dr. Wehking at Seattle Study Club

Girls night just got pretty darn nerdy.

Dr. Dawn Wehking digital dentures

Tonight I spent the evening with the Mile High Seattle Study Club.  Dr. Wendy Clark, a world renowned prosthodontist and speaker, lectured about Dentca digital dentures.  Digital dentures are a great option for anyone who doesn’t have time for the typical 5-8 appointments required to make conventional dentures.  Digital dentures take about three appointments, saving time and money.  Another great feature is that if the dentures are ever misplaced or broken, a new set can be “printed” since the lab retains the digital impression.  Isn’t technology amazing?

Here’s a pic of my favorite dental nerd, Dr. Chelsea Mayer, and I playing with the Dentca gothic arch tracing jigs.  These are a great way to deprogram the jaw muscles to get an accurate bite registration.

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