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Spear Digest: Simple Bounce Flash Portraits – How to Go Beyond Taking Mugshots

by  CFAD Blog Editor
Simple Bounce Flash Portraits - How to Go Beyond Taking Mugshots
As my practice has grown, so has my love for photography!  I really feel that you can’t fully grasp the impact of the smile until you see it within the full face.  My last article for Spear Education is for dentists who want to take better portraits. Click here to read it!

The Best Text Ever From a Fellow Dentist: Anterior Composite Bonding

by  CFAD Blog Editor
An Awesome Thank You Text from a Dentist Friend

My heart is so full! This is one of my favorite texts ever!

Back in 2018, I wrote an article for Spear Education about how to do beautiful anterior composite bonding.  You can read the article here.

Traditional composite bonding leaves a visible line between the natural tooth and composite.  Using my technique, we blend the tooth’s natural shades and opacities to create a seamless transition (so that you can’t see the restoration).  Check out our composite work here.

Today I received a text from a dental school friend who tried the technique and loved it! I feel so happy that now his patients also get to have gorgeous teeth too!

Thanks for sharing your success, Dr. David Gordon!

Spear Digest: Fixing Anterior Composites Without Redoing Everything

by  CFAD Blog Editor
Fixing Anterior Composites Without Redoing Everything
I loooooooooove working with composite, and especially on front teeth!  My latest article for Spear Education is about what to do when things go wrong.  Yes, unfortunately sometimes dentistry isn’t perfect and we have to fix things.  This article is for dentists who think they don’t have time to make it right.  It shows the preparation design and sequence for modifying anterior composite bonding to make it look perfect.  Click here to read the article.  And click here to see some of our gorgeous composite cases!

Munam’s Cosmetic Crown Makeover

by  CFAD Blog Editor

Cosmetic crowns have changed so much since Munam’s first set were done more than 20 years ago! Thanks to our amazing ceramists at New Age Dental Studio, we restored Munam’s smile with brighter, more lifelike restorations. My favorite part of this makeover was her photo shoot in our studio! Watch the video to see what a great time we had.

Replacing Old Worn Crowns – Ray’s Bright New Look

by  CFAD Blog Editor

Ray was concerned that the crowns on his front teeth were wearing down.  He wanted to replace them with more natural looking and lifelike restorations.  First we had to resolve WHY the crowns were wearing away.  Then we corrected his bite with 8 months of orthodontics, whitening with Kor deep bleaching, and placed his new crowns.

Dental materials have changed very dramatically since Ray’s original crowns were placed.  In addition to advancements in materials, I have the advantage of working with these amazing artists, Peter and Carmen at New Age Dental Studio.  As you can see, a crown is not a crown is not a crown.  There is a lot of love and art in Ray’s new restorations, something that you just can’t find from any lab.  Don’t you just love the texture and character in these crowns?!

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