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The Key to Preventative Dentistry: My Role as Your Psychic Dentist

Fortune-Teller DawnAs a dentist, sometimes my role is like a mechanic, giving your mouth a good tune up. My main role as a comprehensive preventative dentist, however, is that of a psychic, taking a peek into your dental future. Spooky, I know! Teeth with cracks, problems with the bite that will lead to wear and recession, and cavities that if left untreated will cause infection are all mystical notions that I’ve got to look out for.

It’s not always easy being the bearer of preventative dentistry, but when little problems will quickly become big ones, ya gotta speak up! You see, I’ve got this unique sense that over a little bit of time, your little cavity is going to get worse and cause you pain. Beware!

But there’s more to it than that. My psychic powers don’t come from otherworldly vibes – though it may seem like it. Our office does a very thorough examination that specifically looks for these sneaky, underlying issues. Then, with a puff of smoke and a bit of flickering lights, we do our best “fortune telling” to treat these little issues before they become as grand as my crystal ball!

Here’s a little info the next time you’re wondering about our psychic dentist abilities:

Most cavities and cracked teeth don’t hurt. They may be a bit sensitive to cold or sweets, but they often lurk symptom free. By the time your tooth starts hurting, the crack has progressed into the nerve, or there is an infection brewing that requires a root canal or extraction. Treating a cavity or crack before it’s painful may seem peculiar to some, but it’s actually saving you time, money, and discomfort in the long run!  cracked tooth

My job as a great dentist is to look at a crack like this one in the photo and: 1. Figure out how it got there. 2. Help you find a solution before this becomes a more serious problem or before the tooth breaks when you’re on vacation.  Sometimes the most conservative approach is treatment…not watching that crack get larger!

The same is true for most occlusal problems (the way your teeth fit together). Sometimes patients will get headaches that uncover this problem, but many times it’s found during our “psychic” exam because no discomfort has been felt beforehand. Undiagnosed occlusal trauma can lead to cracked and worn teeth and gingival recession that requires surgery to correct.

So, the next time a dark and stormy night rolls around, and you’re interested in learning your fate, come see your friendly psychic dentist for a thorough exam!



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