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What to do When a Front Tooth Breaks

Composite Bonding when a front tooth breaks

Breaking a tooth can be terrifying! It’s even more horrific when it’s your child who broke their tooth. You’re looking for the quickest solution possible but you also want to make sure you’re making the right choice. While composite bonding isn’t always the correct solution, it’s often a treatment option that’s overlooked because of the time involvement and level of difficulty.

Max’s mom called me because he fell at the swimming pool and broke his front tooth. He was hurting and she was frantic. She called four dental offices in Lafayette and she was told different treatment options from each office. I often joke that if you call four dentists, you’ll get five different treatment plans. This happens because of differences in training, ability, and unfortunately, financial goals.

Composite Bonding: perfectly fix a front tooth that’s broken

Max arrived with a broken tooth and understandably, his tooth was a little cold sensitive. We numbed the tooth without any tears (we’ve got tricks!) and made a shade plan to match the adjacent tooth. We layered 3 shades of composite to blend the restoration with the natural tooth seamlessly but also replicating the unique characteristics of the adjacent central incisor.

Max was as cool as a cucumber throughout the procedure because we explained each step of the way. We didn’t have to grind his tooth to a stub for a crown, we fixed his sensitivity, and we restored his confidence in one visit.

You know when you have one of those days when everything just flows, you have fun, and feel good at the end of the day? Now this is what I call a fun day at work. Thanks for making it a great day, Max! I love my job!

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